Harpreet wants a bright future for Brampton. He’s been a passionate community leader, volunteer, mentor, and resource for all ages of Brampton residents for many years. Through his work for William Osler Health System on the front lines of Canada’s busiest emergency room, through youth programs he’s created or asking questions the residents of Brampton care about to politicians from all parties,

Always putting Brampton first.

Harpreet established the ethnic community outreach plan for Brampton Civic Hospital, organized programs to bring awareness and support for patients from all walks of life.

Being a consistent volunteer for many youth programs in Brampton. Harpreet was able to bring youth into mainstream to help them gain experience politically and practically. He has been a mentor on a personal and professional level for many youth in Brampton.


Founding the first ever Punjabi Canada Day Festival in Brampton which was held at the Powerade Centre in its inaugural years. Harpreet worked on the founding committee for the Sikh Heritage Month flag rising at Brampton City Hall. Harpreet was the first Punjab TV anchor to cover the Brampton Santa Clause parade live.


On Harpreet’s livestream TV program, on one of the largest cable South Asain programs, Harpreet has researched the key civic and international issues that Brampton residents care about and has interviewed elected officials, community and business leaders.


With a passion for the community he has volunteered to for many causes including human rights campaigns, efforts to raise funds for charitable events, and through his leadership on various youth programs. He has helped with blood drives for Canadian Blood Services.

Harpreet has always been a fantastic representative of his community and the Sikh faith. He has taken the time to provide countless families in Brampton tours of the Dixie Gurdwara so that they can learn more about the Sikh faith and see one of the largest Gurdwara’s in Canada.

Being one of the lead organizers over the last 15 years of the “Sikh Values Are Canadian Values” float in the Khalsa Day Parade. Harpreet has visited St. Paul’s United Church for tours and an opportunity to learn more about one of Brampton’s oldest churches and buildings.

A loving father to two wonderful children and is very active in supporting their after-school activities.

Harpreet will bring all of his Brampton experience to City Hall and strongly represent everyone. He has listened to community concerns


Call Directly and Speak to Harpreet at (647) 914 4740